Mission Manager - Preparation, Readiness, and Execution

Mission Manager cloud-based software offers the latest technology in coordinated callouts, mission planning, certification requirement management, and equipment deployment. Built from real experiences and field-proven insights, Mission Manager provides an integrated, web-based emergency management solution for first responders dedicated to public safety. From natural disasters to planned events, Mission Manager streamlines response efforts, giving administrators instant access to the data need to save lives and protect property.

  • Track personnel contact information, including training, certifications and expirations, and medical information
  • Print standard ICS forms, such as team assignments, mission status, logs, etc.
  • Maintain records for your gear, equipment and vehicles
  • Customizable login access levels for all your personnel
  • Generate detailed mission time reports
  • Create, assign and track team member tasks
  • Schedule events with automated RSVP's
  • Coordinate incoming messages
  • Plan your mission with pre-set guidelines
  • Mark assignment territories on various map layers
  • Upload field imagery
  • Capture all events and radio logs
  • Produce instant after action report

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